Technorati. and other stuff

Just started a Technorati account, no particular reason just influenced by atariboy. It also seems like a cool way maybe to gain more views at my view of the world and my abstract thoughts, doubt that it will work though. I am currently residing at 1,106,923 place out of alll of the blogs ^^.

Just had a clan match >FT and I have to say it was one of the most blatant uses of cheating I have ever seen in my life ! We were using their server as we dont own one, but for any cs players out there how is it possible to get from CT spawn to T spawn in 4 seconds on dust 2 I will never know. And to make it worse they denied they were cheating. This one incident has put me off of CS for a while and I am really looking forward to the imminent arrival of HL2 so I can try DOD source which has been recommended so highly by a multitude of people.

I have uncovered a new found urge to do well in life and in college from somewhere and have promptly written a revision plan for my AS levels and I plan on sticking to it! I expect though that all drive will drop off in a couple of days though and I will go back to being lazy again. God there are some things that you hate about yourself but you are never able to chenge eh.



7 Responses to Technorati. and other stuff

  1. Congrats on the new found urge… forgive my ignorance but what are AS levels?

  2. tom3 says:

    AS levels are the first step towards a whole A level If that helps??

  3. Emma says:

    mmmmm yum yum, very nice, such a hottie add meeeeeeeeeee mwah em!!!!

  4. washburne says:

    Perfect pages… tnx

  5. Tom3 says:


    I’m also Tom3. I’m a blogger in lefty political rooms.

    But as Mao may have said, Let a thousand Tom3’s blossom.

    We probably won’t bump into each other much since I’m a political wonk and you’re a gamer. But thats cool too.


  6. funny says:

    The main thing i’m enjoying while reading your blog is the way you write, you are a really charismatic person and your posts are wonderful, keep it up!

  7. I agree to all the facts you mention, however, the question is about all the dead bodies in the water. In other words, both men and women died in that water obviously, but out of those that died in the water… only 11 women’s BODIES were recoverd from the water.nI’m not talking about survivors. I’m curious why so many males were recovered after death than women. Ratio certainly would have to do with some of it…. but that much? Come on

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