What have mario and pacman got in common?

Pacman and Mario are two classic games that have been out for what seems for ever. But have you ever stopped to think what these games promote to young children who play them??.

For instance in Mario you get a ‘magic’ mushroom and all of a sudden you become Super Mario capable of doing anything! does this imply that if you take magic mushroom’s in real life you will become all powerful and everyone should bow down before your mighty prowess??

Same thing in Pac-man, you go around a maze popping small pills all the while being constantly tracked down by a small army of ghosts, and when they get too close you pop a super pill and suddenly you are invincible! and you are on top of the world able to rack up a high score and destroy those pesky ghosts (temporarily). But just as in real life suddenly the pills effect dissapears and you are left craving more as those ghosts get ever closer. Just like a real drug addiction in game.

So just using these as examples, these two individual games have said ;

1.) use drugs, they are a handy tool when being chased by ghosts.

2.)Magic mushrooms make you big and strong.

3.)You can have fun while using them.

4.)you need them to achieve a high score ^^

Or is it me just looking for meaning in places which dont actually have a meaning?



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  1. thank you for your work

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