Hello World!

This UI is really starting to annoy me as this is probably the 5th time ive had to re-write this post alone. Oh well im sure i’ll get the hang of it soon. This is my first ever attempt at blogging apart from myspace.com which doesnt really count, so I thought i’d include the first ever c++ program I ever did…….Hello world.


using namespace std;

int main()

/* next bit isnt correct because it wont let me type it in grrrr.


cout “hello world”



well that was fun. Had quite a good day today, went to college, came home and then went to the Redan Inn ( a small pub in chilcompton) to play skittles. Which I have now discovered is the stupidest game ever, the ball is malformed and the alley was bumpy which meant that the ball took on a life of its own and meant it went exactly where you didnt want it to go. This meant the game relied more on luck than it did skill.

http://www.awesomestart.com , my website of the week… it allows you to customize google, by adding skins to it and also adding links to your favourite websites, which you can then set as your homepage, not only does this save time in typing out webpages but also makes google look hell of a lot cooler!

nothing more else to say……xox

4 Responses to Hello World!

  1. atariboy says:

    Hey tom, great start to your blog, if u find a better way to show code let me know, i’d find that very useful.

  2. SatelliteTv says:

    thx really a nice site ! thx

  3. abbott says:

    Great job guys… Thank for you work…

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