A threat to the world

January 20, 2006

Discovered this book via amazon today and have promptly placed an order as It looks like a great read, and is bound to get me drilled in what to do when a microwave starts firing ‘micro’ waves at me and killing me from the inside. You can find the book here.

In the middle of downloading via uTorrent(which was suggested by andrew yesterday) at the moment and cant wait for it to finish. And I would just like to say that uTorrent is a great torrent client to use (so thanks for the suggestion :D)

Having a relatively easy day today at college, just double chemistry and Biology, and dont really have much to worry about as I have finished all of my work up to date so will have the weekend free……time to level my warrior Baksh up on world of warcraft then (on Drak’Thul if anyone wants to add)

Blizzard have announced that they will be celebrating the lunar festival on WoW with special items and clothing being released for completeing special new quests. THIS HAS STARTED ALREADY! so get in gear and get online. Full story


A legal gun….

January 19, 2006

It started out with you flicking a single elastic band in school, Bu then some people take some things too far….Meet the rubber band gatling gun. 12 chambers each holding 12 elastic bands, meaning that a total on 144 bands can be let loose in the time it takes you to turn the handle around. It is a colossal 40 inches high and has 360 degree rotational ability…the only downside being it costs $400 (around £230) or you can buy the plans for $15 (£8) from

gatling gun


Geek, in a closet…

January 18, 2006

This is possibly the best podcast ever. end of. Hosted by the one Brent Morris, he transports you through all types of music (metal to trance) all the while in between tracks he ramble’s on about what’s intresting him at the moment, be it star trek or the classic fallout games. However the only downside to this is you might have to withstand some awful music to get the snippits of pure gold!…find at http://www.closetgeekshow.com/

Adobe CS and other things of no importance….

January 18, 2006

Boredom sets in…I know i’ll boot up adobe photochop cs and work it out on there. And here is my pointless end product….Have no idea why I chose tom3 though as a name though, thanks to andrew (http://atariboy.wordpress.com/) I reckon.

On another note Meebo allows you to access msn messenger in college, which can be treatment to the wounds that many a long and boring free period can cause you.


Lego…Not just a toy, a profession

January 18, 2006

Nathan Sawaya is a professional lego artist and a former lego master builder and he has recently spent the last 3 months building a life-sized model of Hans Solo embedded in carbonite at 6ft tall!and consisting of 10,000 bricks!

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Hello World!

January 17, 2006

This UI is really starting to annoy me as this is probably the 5th time ive had to re-write this post alone. Oh well im sure i’ll get the hang of it soon. This is my first ever attempt at blogging apart from myspace.com which doesnt really count, so I thought i’d include the first ever c++ program I ever did…….Hello world. Read the rest of this entry »